Top Skincare: Tanning Alternatives

In this day and age, enough is known about skincare to know that tanning is the number one enemy against healthy skin. No matter how much sunscreen you use, it simply slows down the tanning process, not preventing it. Tanning is caused by UVB and UVA rays penetrating and essentially “cooking” skin cells, giving them a darker appearance. Does this mean we can never achieve the sun-kissed look so many aspire to have in the summer? No, it just means that we need to find a way to tan responsibly – and it doesn’t always have to include the sun!

If you don’t exfoliate, now is the time to start. You can make your own exfoliator at home with a few ingredients such as sugar, body oil, and shower gel. This is to be used when you shower and allows for the removal of dead and damaged skin. It is possible to lose some of that glow we are trying to attain, but the loose skin cells were damaged and need to be removed safely before it can get better. Choose an all-organic self-tanner lotion or oil that works for your skin type, and apply it to your face and body for an even shine. Depending on the instructions for your product, you can apply this several times a day for a stronger bronzed look.

While less permanent than lotion products that penetrate into the skin, a bronzing powder is a great alternative to sun tanning. You can also use body foundations if that is what you prefer, which also help to achieve an even skin tone on all areas of the body. This can also hide any blemishes or skin irritations, but be sure to cover any open wounds or cuts with a skin-colored bandaid first before application. This will prevent any further damage or irritation, giving your skin time to heal.